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Above the Basement offers casual and candid discussions with musicians, artists, producers and others from Boston and beyond. The conversations offer experiences ​from those shaping Boston's music community and for whom music is a passion. You'll hear their stories, hardships ​​faced and overcome...and why they love what they do.
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Nov 22, 2017

Vapors of Morphine is Boston's own Dana Colley (baritone saxophone), drummer Jerome Deupree and New Orleans transplant singer/guitarist Jeremy Lyons.

Vapors continues the story of the great Boston 'Low Rock' band Morphine through their music while creating their own unique sound.  Morphine disbanded after the sudden and tragic death of frontman, composer and bassist Mark Sandman in 1999.  

They shared their thoughts last week and talked the new Morphine LP, how they all came together to form Vapors, their recent tour of Europe and what they are doing now.

Song List:

Song 1:  If (A New Low)
Song 2:  Hurricaine (Members of Morphine w/ Jeremy Lyons)
Song 3:  The Other Side (A New Low)
Song 4:  Pulled Over The Car (Members of Morphine w/ Jeremy Lyons)
Song 5:  Renouveau--Daman N'diaye (A New Low)

Nov 19, 2017

Kyle Bent has been rapping in Randolph, Massachusetts since the third grade and began recording his own material soon after that. Over the years he has honed his freestyle talents and become an introspective lyricist with a positive message.

The Jamaican born performer has seven albums under his belt including Dreams of God and Complex Simplicity just released in 2016.

Song List:

Song 1:   Life's Good (from the album Complex Simplicity)
Song 2:   Conversations (Complex Simplicity)
Song 3:   Higher Power (from the album Dreams of a God)
Song 4:   Complexity (Complex Simplicity)

Nov 15, 2017

Indie electronic trio CONTACT with Matt Rhoades, Austin Bryant and John Mellino sat with us to talk about their dark, melodic orchestral pop with an '80s post-punk influence.

CONTACT's sound blends infections hooks, hauntingly beautiful compositions, and stadium sized energy.

They just released the first single Gravekeeper off their upcoming album and they are nominated for two 2017 Boston Music Awards, including Electronic Artist of the Year' and Pop Artist of the Year.


Song List:

Song 1: DYK
Song 2: Blood Drive
Song 3: Killing Mine
Song 4: Gravekeeper

Nov 12, 2017

We sat around a very tiny table in the art room of a local school with the Grammy nominated and chart topping band The Fray.

The Fray’s debut album, How to Save a Life in 2005 was certified double platinum and they have had numerous other hits including Over My Head (Cable Car), You Found Me and enough other great songs to have them come out with a compilation album last year called Through the Years: The Best of the Fray.

We talked with Isaac Slade, Joe King, Dave Welsh and Ben Wysocki just before they went on stage for The Umbrella Community Arts Center concert series.

They are all really wonderful guys and we had a great talk.

Song List:

Song 1: How To Save A Life - from How To Save A Life
Song 2: Over My Head (Cable Car) - from How To Save A Life
Song 3: You Found Me - from The Fray

Nov 8, 2017

Julie Rhodes began singing in front of audiences only a few years ago and has taken Boston by storm.

Her debut album Bound To Meet The Devil has garnered rave reviews for her beautiful, soulful voice and she has wowed enough people with her live performances to get 5 Boston Music award nominations, including Live Artist of the Year, Unsigned Artist of the Year, Americana Artist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year and a shared nomination for Music Video of the Year with STL GLD, Dutch ReBelle and Tigerman WOAH.

She also just received Musician of The Year for 2017 from Improper Bostonian Magazine, so she may need a bigger mantle to hold all her awards by the end of the year.

Song List: All songs from Bound To Meet The Devil

Song 1: Collector Man
Song 2: Hey Stranger
Song 3: Skyscraper Blues
Song 4: Holes

Nov 1, 2017

Singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Kris Delmhorst sat with us at Club Passim and talked about recording her new album The Wild, her upcoming tour, her dreams of having a porch to play guitar on with her musician husband Jeffrey Foucault (who co-produced the new album with her) and whether or not to sing with your eyes open or closed.

Yup - we talked about that.

The wonderful Rose Polenzani co-hosted. Rose is a singer-songwriter as well and the host of the roving band of musicians Sub Rosa. She has also sung on some of Kris’s past recordings including a Cars cover album that Kris did back in 2011.

Song List:

Song 1: All The Way Around (The Wild)
Song 2: Hollow (The Wild)
Song 3: The Light In The Hall (The Wild)
Song 4: You Might Think (Cars)

Live songs: I Don't need To Know It All and Lonely West (The Wild)